Chemistry and COP26

Expert led webinars setting the scene for chemists interested in energy and climate change

Everything you wanted to know about...but were afraid to ask webinar series

Our expert speakers provide an overview of the subjects below and answer questions given to them by members during the webinar. Hear more from them to get answers to questions you may have and how you could get involved with these topics.

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Carbon Budgets and Net Zero

Hear from Dr David Joffe, Climate Change Committee, to learn about carbon budgets and net zero.

Energy Systems and the Net Zero Transformation

Hear from Dr Jeffrey Hardy, Imperial College London, to learn about energy systems and the net zero transformation.

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Hear from Professor Mat Paterson, University of Manchester, to learn about the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Future Energy Networks

Hear from Randolph Brazier, Energy Networks Association, to learn about future energy networks.

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